Ignite Brisbane #3 a success

Thank you to all of the organizers, sponsors, supporters and attendee’s for a fantastic evening.

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Ignite Brisbane 3 – Speaker List

Here is a list of Speakers and Topics for Ignite Brisbane 3 to be held on the 12th of May, 2011 at “The Edge” @ The State Library of Queensland from 5:30pm.

Ignite Brisbane is currently FREE to attend, but as a ticketed event it is important you reserve your ticket, available through the “Register” link or via http://ignitebrisbane3.eventbrite.com/


“Personal Continuous Improvement” - James Ottaway
A passionate software developer for ThoughtWorks with a strong desire to continuously improve his skills.

“Library Hack Project” - Matt Fallon
A team member of “The Edge” Digital Culture Centre at the State Library of Queensland.

“Using forms to frustrate, foil and flummox” - Jessica Kerr
All the way from “Perth”, a conference speaker and the Principal / Owner of Formulate Information Design.

“The rise of participative software” - Damian Brady
An enthusiastic Senior Software Architect with SSW Software Consultants.

“WordPress is Not Just For Blogs Dammit!” - Bronson Quick
Partner of Sennza and co-runs WordPress Brisbane and Sydney.

“Everything you wanted to know about Google but were afraid to ask” - Dan Petrovic
Experienced SEO and Company Director of DEJAN SEO.

“The One Laptop per Child project” - Clinton Roy
Software engineer at the Global Change Institute and eResearch centre of the University of Queensland.

“Celebration of Mediocrity in todays software” - Scott Barnes
Former Product Manager (Silverlight/WPF) Microsoft Corp, UX Specialist, FIXWPF.org lead and RIAGENIC.com blogger.

“Cross Pollination” - Ben Yee
Flex Developer, Moto Rider, Musician, Airbrush Enthusiast and owner of RialityCheck.

“Do not lie” - Patrick Klug
A motivated Development Manager at NovaMind software.

“About how its ok to be bob dylan and GO ELECTRIC” - Wayne McFetridge
Owner / Developer of Blackdotdigital and Partner of The Various Artists.

“Spartan Life” - Edge Pereira
An IT consultant with passion for cycling and movies.

“The truth about storytelling and marketing” - Ben Johnson
Technology Marketing Manager, currently working at SAP.


The list of speakers and topics may change prior to the event taking place.

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Looking forward to the speaker line up and meeting you all. It should be a great night.

Ignite Brisbane #3 Registration Open

Ignite Brisbane 3 will be held from 5:30pm on Thursday the 12th of May, 2011 at The State Library of Queensland’s “The Edge”.

Registration is now available below or via the Eventbrite URL http://ignitebrisbane3.eventbrite.com/


The Ignite Brisbane team looks forward to seeing you all.

Ignite Brisbane #3 Call for Speakers

We’re back on track for Ignite Brisbane 3, but we need more speakers.

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